Gtechniq GWash has been specifically formulated to work in harmony with the Gtechniq range of coatings.

One hundred percent biodegradable, GWash produces a high foam content which breaks the bond between the dirt film and your vehicles paintwork. The shampoo lubricates dirt particles, minimising surface abrasion, maximising gloss retention.

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Gtechniq Ceramic GWash is a revolutionary super concentrated all-in-one shampoo that delivers exceptional cleaning power, whilst leaving behind an extremely durable, dirt-repellent and hydrophobic coating.

The advanced low-suds, high lubrication formula safely and effectively lifts and captures dirt particles from your paintwork minimising the risk of abrasion during the washing stage. Safe for matt and satin finishes.

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For this step use no more than 10ml of product
Apply a small amount of product to WM2 Microfibre Wash Mitt
Apply to the vehicle one panel at a time
Be sure to thorougly rinse the Wash Mitt in cold water after going over dirty panels, to ensure the ceramics don’t seal dirt in the microfibres.
After use, rinse your car thoroughly with cold clean water to remove all surfactants


500ML, 1L


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